As one of the raw material distributors on the international market, we at JSM Company are always looking for the best raw material deals that we can find. Most of the raw material that we trade in is used in the glass Industry. As a customer you can always get the best deal possible because we are interested in both buying and selling raw material. If you wish to join this network, please contact us for more information so we can discuss the possibilities for a mutual partnership.



JSM Company is located in the capital of IRAN in the Tehran province that is one of the best places to planting Herbs. Transparency, great quality and distinguished service is what we want to serve you with. We avoide to use pesticides in agriculture and apply Collection Practices as possible until reaching the stage of export. We care about the quality of the medicinal plants and Herbs. The JSM company is ready to apply any requirements related to the production of medicinal and aromatic plants.


Our Field Crops Department supplies crop commodity products sourced from all cities located in Iran.  we offer a full range of products including Lentils, Peas, Chick Peas, Beans, Black caraway, Flaxseeds, Popcorn and other field grains. Our company is ready to apply any requirements related to the production of medicinal and aromatic plants. Our in-house freight forwarding allow us to meet the specialized shipping and documentation requirements of our clients.


Jahan Sepid Morvarid Company with its experienced technical staff in supplying glass and opal industries, ceramic tiles, glazes and porcelain with more than 30 years of practical experience and 10 years of formal import and export activities, is ready to cooperate in Specifically, imports and exports of raw materials, medicinal plants and Crops with companies and industrial producers. Our company, with its officially registered branch in China, is able to provide a prompt with the account number of the Bank of China to receive currency exchange. Therefore, whit a reasonable price and more confidence you can meet your import and export  needs. It should be noted that, the main imported resources are from China, Turkey, India and Russia. In between there are raw materials such as barium carbonate, Penta Brace, Boric Acid, Sodium Silico Fluoride, Fluorine, Titanium Oxide, Silicon Zirconium, Aluminum Oxide, Cryolite, etc. We also provide the raw materials of domestic production, such as the best processed silica, sodium and potassium nitrate, calcium carbonate and sodium, dolomite, feldspar, sadik and sodic potash, collet manite, ammonia and many more that will be supplied to the industries with the best quality and price.


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